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The Black Friday deal only applies to the MM5, but if you use the chat session (Greta on this occasion) and explain that you really wanted the MM6, they seem more than happy to offer a discount code that sweetens the deal. My discount code equated to 17.50ukp off the price of the MM6 - which has a better spec.

If you want one of these I suggest you go and get into a conversation live with an agent (at least, if it's a bot then it's a well setup one)  :-)
F750/850GS Main Chat board / Now What?
« Last post by SnoDrtRider on Today at 01:58:18 AM »
Our 2019s are paid off... the 40th anniversary color scheme is fugly as sin. What to do?
For anyone that's interested, Monimoto have a Black Friday deal running now (26-11-2020) with 20UKP off the purchase price of the MM5 model. It's a shame they haven't run this to the MM6 as well, that's the one I'm really interested in.
Every bike forum will have a 'what screen' thread a million pages long  :008:

The item is so subjective I doubt there is ever a one screen suits all answer

For me I bought a GIVI AF5127 for my 850. I'm 6'0'' [ 183cm] and it is as near perfect as I want, certainly better than the screen on my previous GTR1400 which was supposed to be a world class touring bike. On my 850 I get a small amount of wind noise [ I wear ear plugs] but no buffeting and can ride with my helmet visor up at all legal speeds if I want to.
Depending on your height and seat height and helmet you may need to install a barn door on the bike to prevent buffeting. What works for you may not work for someone else and visa versa.
 :087: :087: :087: So, I finally received and duly installed the Puig screen. OMG, I think they should drop the 'U' from the name.....this is a PIG of a screen. Buffeting is an felt like I was being bashed around the head with several rubber mallets! Completely unusable and I will be putting the original screen back on tomorrow. I would return it but there's a big red label in the box saying you can't return it after it's been fitted....understandable I guess, but I feel like I've been mis-sold - this screen is not fit for purpose. Anyway, enough of the rant. So now I need to be 100% confident in whatever I buy next. I keep hearing good things about the Madstad but I don't want to spend a lot of money, only to find it still sucks. Any good advice would be appreciated. Oh, and I'm in the UK and can't seem to find a supplier for Madstad - any ideas UK people?  :087: :087: :087:
New Member Introductions / New Scooter
« Last post by MudFoot on Yesterday at 05:50:20 PM »
 :305: New Member dropping in to say “Hello GS’ers!”   Just traded my ‘17 1200GS for a ‘19 850GS Rallye.  So far, I’m very pleased with the trade.  I’ve done some off-roading, and Truly enjoy it.  Not a hard core rider, and the gravel roads of the MABDR suits this old guy pretty good.   Looking forward to running it on the 850.  Happy Thanksgiving to all you !

For some reason all my photos are upside down ... Go Figure :)
New Member Introductions / Re: Another new bloke...
« Last post by richardbd on Yesterday at 04:17:41 PM »
Merci beaucoup...
New Member Introductions / Re: New Member
« Last post by LaMorpionne on Yesterday at 03:40:34 PM »
Bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum  :400:
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