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F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: Engine Noise
« on: June 17, 2020, 09:26:09 AM »
*Originally Posted by Matty589 [+]
You should hear an R1200GS LC without ear plugs. Cement mixer full of bolts is the only way I could describe it. Painful, and even though I always wear earplugs, I did once do a short trip without and it was unbearable. I shudder to think what a Harley or a Ducati with that dry clutch sounds like  :001:

LOL'd with you describing the engine noise of the R12GSLC (which is pretty right on). As for engine noise on my 750, based on its engine being fairly exposed/ not much body work surrounding it, I find it to be "fairly" quite/ acceptable when starting it/ revving it. Also when riding "any" motorcycle I always wear ear plugs to combat the sound of wind caused by speeds from approximately 30mph to 100mph +/ - (for example at approximately 60 mph, wind can produce 120 dBA),  which is no fun "for me" to listen to on an all day trip/ not to mention hearing loss it can cause over time.

Items For Sale / Wanted / Re: Wanted standard seat for a f850gs
« on: June 03, 2020, 07:36:08 PM »
*Originally Posted by brit00704106 [+]
Hi looking for a standard seat for  2019 f850gs if anyone has replaced one would love to buy it
Shipping zone is 04002 Maine  :002:  thanks Bruce

If you are still interested, I'd like to sell my standard height seat @ $150.00, plus shipping (I'm located in Washington - 99208, all the way across from you)

Reason for selling would be to purchase a Sargent

*Originally Posted by KSD [+]
Hi Mike! I have first-hand experience with three windscreens: Givi Airflow, Puig 3179W and Wunderlich Extreme. Each of them are absolutely not good for me, due to turbulence (I am sensitive to this). As for the other windshields, I only read the reviews about them. Of course, as you write, it all depends on the rider tall, height of the seat, etc. It is possible that someone else will get better results with a different windscreen. In general, I just want to say, that this is good to consider this option, because it is high probability that it will be work really fine. My height is 181 cm. I use standard seat.

KSD, thanks - its good to hear that you did some A/ B comparisons and found that you prefer/ really like BMWs Adventure adjustable windscreen (Which IMO is really, really  nice/ very slick!!).

All the best - Mike

*Originally Posted by KSD [+]
I tried different solutions and for me this perfect windshield is the original BMW in the elevated version of Advenure. I described it in a separate topic. I recommend this windscreen!  :001:

KSD, have you tried out/ had 1st hand experience with any of these windscreens..... "Puig - MRA - Madstad - Givi - Ztechnik - WRS", if so how much better (what % better) is the/ your BMW elevated version of the Adventure? Also, how tall are you? What's your inseam? Are you using the low - standard or tall seat?


Over the years of riding motorcycles I've never found a "perfect" Windscreen and feel that there really is no such thing (other that driving your car). Anyway, I'm using WRS's tall windscreen & Wunderlich Wind deflector for my 750, which works pretty darn good/ not much buffeting and I'd rate it a 7 to 7.5/ 10. Is it perfect NO, but it gets he job done/ works for me (I'm 6'0 with 32" inseam, also I'm using BMW standard height seat).

Anyway, I'm sure there "might/ may" be better windscreen choices/ set-ups, however the only "REAL WAY" of knowing which is best is by doing an  A/ B riding comparison, otherwise it just comes down to personal opinions (just like my mine, which some may agree or disagree with).

*Originally Posted by SnoDrtRider [+]
I will take it... Let me know what you want for shipping to 08318. It is 6:45 AM on the East Coast we will be traveling all day I can send you the funds via PayPal when we get to our hotel this evening after dinner. Sending  you a pm with direct contact info.

The WRS windscreen is yours/ sold to you. Also I sent you a separate personal email to you as well

All the best - Mike

Items For Sale / Wanted / For sale Valentine One Radar detector
« on: May 26, 2020, 09:59:58 PM »
Radar Detector Valentine One: First person to get closest to my $175.00 asking price will get it (+ pays for shipping - Im located in Spokane, WA.) As for my Valentine One, its in good working condition, and I have original box/ hardware/ receipts. It was purchased new in 2002 for $399. In 2008 I paid $139 for their upgrade (which I have a receipt for).

FOR SALE - WRS Clear touring Windscreen for F-850GS, condition is 9/ 10 (no scrapes/ scratches/ chips). Original cost is $107.00. First person to get closest to my $40.00 asking price gets it (+ pays for shipping - Im located in Spokane, WA.) The size of this windscreen is approx. 14 L x 15 W (at the lower portion of the screen) x 12 W (at the upper portion of the screen) You can see this windscreen at:

Admin edit:  link shortened

*Originally Posted by Danno [+]
Thank you....and BTW, we have same trash cans in Indiana!  Ride safe.

No prob. BTW/ just saying, I believe the handle bar diameter on the 750 is smaller/ different size compared to the 850.

(LOL'd about you having same trash cans in Indiana!)

Enjoy your new risers 

*Originally Posted by Danno [+]
MikeOC, do you think this would as easy a fit? 28&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7NTtqbe96QIVE9bACh33xgC0EAQYAiABEgLv3PD_BwE

Danno - IMO those are some very nice bar risers! Also, based my experience with my 750/ Hornig bar risers, I "think" these will also be a similar "easy" fit to what I experienced


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