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F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: What size drive chain?
« on: Apr 16, 2021, 09.11 PM »
*Originally Posted by knutk [+]
I find this type of chains quite interesting, and they are indeed making a rather bold claim by advertising it as maintenance free.

I'm not saying they are wrong, but I have the impression that most of the wear on the chain system now is the friction between the chain and the sprockets.  Are there any requirement regarding the quality of the sprockets for the chain to be maintenance free?
And one thing is a streetbike running on a dry and clean road, but a bike used on dirtroads?  I'd like to see the material that is able for all the dirt to fly off without clinging to the chain and sprocket and create a dirt layer that will increase the wear on the chain and the sprockets.

Anyway, there is always something new to learn, and if their claim holds water I will certainly get one,
If you lived in a desert, I suppose it could accurately say this.
I live in varied conditions of snow, rain, mud/grit and treated roads (during winter). That means rust and rust has a harder time forming or adhering to treated chains.

Ordered a set myself recently 121 euro for the whole kit, good deal considering state side this costs over 300 USD.

*Originally Posted by ganymede [+]
I come from a background in bicycle riding, including long distance touring. More recently I've been riding motorcycles, too. I have a 2003 Kawasaki Z1000, but the adventurer in me kept steering towards gravel roads and trails—clearly an adventure bike was in the cards.

I can't be happier with my new machine. I'm a bit of a tinkerer, so it already has some accessories and customizations. I've learned a lot from this forum in the few months I've been here. My first real (multi-day) tour is scheduled for late this spring. I hope it's one of many with this fun, mid-sized GS.

Hello, what part of the PNW are you in?

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: 850gs using oil
« on: Mar 15, 2021, 07.22 PM »
*Originally Posted by lasmia2 [+]
Okay after many months of testing etc , BMW are now flying a brand new engine to me as mine has been deemed undetermined oil use. BMW have dragged this out but have replaced the entire head believing it was a valve issue. Turns out it was not and it is undetermined why (or at least what I am being told) . Anyway I'm grateful of the BMW warranty! New engine should arrive in 3 weeks. Hopefully not assembled on a Friday afternoon before work drinks. Love the bike, extremely capable adventure bike. If the changing of the engine fixes the issue then I'm a fan! Not happy though about having to cancel multiple trips with the groups I ride with. Just could not rely on the engine even if I did (which I would not) have the space for the extra oil traversing Australia. At the rate I was burning under normal commuting I would need to have a extra 16 liters carried on me to get to the East coast via the North. Very few places in the outback sell the grade of oil required/recommended by BMW.
Hope this is a one off and everyone else is enjoying these awesome bikes.
2019 with 11000 miles logged, no significant change in engine behavior despite some crashes.

I finally got off my ass and replaced the some of the broken things on my bike, troubleshooted some others.
License Plate illuminator replaced, but the thing doesn't light up yet. Wasn't enough daylight left to discover why.

Rear brake indicator light switch, replaced. 40 bucks.

Still not officially fixed but I have that under control for now. The new switch is plugged in in and I'm able to confirm the source of the problem at least.

Wheel bearings are due for a swap, I'm at almost 12k miles. I've logged 6k miles on the current set of tread, not impressed with their long term road performance but they'll do for now, I expect another 3-4k of tread wear before I swap.

Haven't done an engine check yet (head clearance e.t.c).

Drive chain and related components haven't been swapped yet, I was waiting till better weather to do it. It's finally starting to thaw out a little.

Rear turn signal in a freak occurrence during an emergency visit to the hospital sheared off late at night, couldn't see what happened. So I'm running with a defective break light and one missing turn signal. :O The 'suck' is definitely going overboard this year.

Skid plate looks nice but what is so special about this one?

Ricochet Offroad makes a good product for the 850 G for 250. 5.5mm Plate. They list one for the GSA as well.

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: What size drive chain?
« on: Mar 08, 2021, 03.52 AM »
525 122 is the OEM chain that was on my bike. Before you ask about the sprockets i'll just head that off as well..
17T 44T OEM sprocket configuration.

However, when I've asked about it in various groups, you could have a shorter chain than the OEM but I don't recommend going shorter than 120 if you intend to take this off road.

120-122 gives you enough links to afford sufficient travel of the drive chain when the suspension is getting worked over by off-road conditions. BMW recommends 30-40 mm of chain travel allowance, I don't measure mine but I suspect that is a bit sloppier than I allow for usually typically; Specifically due to the chain needing to move more when the suspension is taking hits.

I'm not as hard core about off-road stuff so as far as I can tell my eye-ball chain adjustments (matched each side with a caliper) seem to be close enough for what I do.

Assuming the endurance chain becomes successful, I don't see it surviving the conditions a GS chain is meant to go through without being cleaned or lubed. The S1000 RR is a road & track show bike, never meant to get dirty or muddy.

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: False Neutrals
« on: Feb 18, 2021, 04.59 AM »
Every bike i've owned or tested has experienced a false neutral. The DMV bikes were horrible for this reason, it was impossible to find when I wanted it and inevitably would be in between gears when i didn't want it to be. I've seen this issue with the k1600 and now the 850 as well, it's not unique to any particular bike/brand. The exception is of course the honda DCT transmission (because it's impossible to hang it).

you should do some searching for this in forums, it's talked about extensively as it is.

*Originally Posted by tomcat [+]
I have a Fuel exhaust on my 850. Excellent company (family firm) to deal with. Products are all made in house, not Chinese imports.
I think there is currently a  £50 off offer on the Fuel exhaust range.
Contact them and tell them George, who gave them his 850 to create their link pipe recommended them.
I ordered a link pipe which I hope will work with an Akropovic, i've never modded the exhaust before so this will be a learning experience. It cost me 74 bucks after tax.

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