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I tend to agree with Newguy......!

I cant see German engineering designing or accepting this kind of technological inefficiency.
Bet the local motorrad dealer in say Frankfurt doesn't take as long.

Any German commentators out there ?

The final chapter....

Bike to the dealer as per appointment.

I was of the thinking that the dealer will plug into the bikes software to tell the computer that the new aux LED lights are now present, should take about 30 mins and I would just wait for it to be complete ........Wrong!.... 5 hours later they were done.

When I asked why so long the reply was they have to do a full update of the software and that's how long it takes. During the process I kept going in to enquire on progress and was informed that the program was showing that it had 1 min left to run but that was 20 mins ago ??.  Finally after 5 hours it was complete and all was well - new lights, switch and new indicator on the TFT all functional.

Is this normal ? I'm pretty sure it did not take 5 hours to load the program at the factory.



I have a pair of these panniers and they are proving to be excellent. No issues with stability, although I haven't tried with a pillion.
They are well made, totally waterproof, secure and easy to mount and remove from the frames.
They also make do as a seat when off the bike....!





For those that are considering DIY fitting of BMW OEM LED spotlights here is my experience.

The whole package arrived in 1 box, part No. BM-77. 51. 5. A2A. 478, includes 2 x LED spotlights, mounting bracket, mirror mount switch, wiring harness with connectors, hardware etc. There was no installation instruction sheet and the best I could find was a posting from SnoDrtRider on this forum. (Thank you very much).

Access to the existing 4 torx bolts which hold the bracket is "challenging" without removing any of the fairing or headlight mounting  panels but with perseverance and an array of 1/4 drive extension bars including a universal joint it can be done. (I did remove the half plastic fan disc under the steering damper.)

OK bracket now mounted and secure. After mounting the switch and routing that wiring next was finding the existing power take off connector block in the bikes wiring harness which is located under the front panel on the left, trying to detach the connector block (which is only a blank protector) so you can then detach the small block with the original wiring proved another head scratcher, however I discovered it is secured by a little plastic housing with a spring clip and by gently pulling it in a horizontal direction backwards, i.e. towards the back of the bike it releases then you can release the plug ready to go into the provided new connector and LED's wiring harness.

From there it is relatively easy to secure everything back, connect the switch wiring block, mount and plug in left and right LED lights, route and cable tie the wiring, being careful to make sure all is very secure, nothing fouls the movement of handlebars or steering damper.

When done the whole job and lights do look neat as if fitted from the factory. Bike is now booked into the local dealer for them to let the computer know the LED lights are present (I have to wait nearly a week for an appointment) and then, hopefully fingers crossed, all will be well.


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