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Im currently waiting for the dealer to check engine problems.
If they cofirm, am I entitled to ask for a new engine ? This seems like a really serious engine problem. Should i settle only for the repair ? What if the new engine pieces will fail again after 15.000km ?
My confidence in this BMW model is just below ground now.

Thank you

I have a 2019 model and I checked yesterday the oil level and it was at minimum. I've done the service at BMW ( Romania ), at 12.200km, I now have 15.000km. I also have the tic-tac noise ( metal noise ) coming from engine.

I've made an appointment right away to the dealer since my warranty will cease in April 2022.

My only modification to the bike is the "link pipe" addition, I've done it at the dealer and he said it doesn't void warranty.
I pointed them, after reading this topic, to check rocker arms, camshaft and camshaft tensioner.

Will keep you updated. Thanks for sharing !

Tyres and Wheels / Rear tyre change ? 18' ?
« on: Sep 17, 2021, 06.36 PM »
Would it be possible ? what else do I need to change ? i just hate the 17' rear wheel.

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: 850gs fuel issue
« on: Sep 07, 2020, 09.43 PM »
Thanks for the ideea, did not know about the fuel bags solutions.

If anyone else knows any tips, looking forward to hear them :)

F750/850GS Main Chat board / 850gs fuel issue
« on: Sep 06, 2020, 09.09 PM »
Can anyone help with something like the old f800 CamelTank for the 850 ? I really have a problem with the 15 liter tank.
Or any ideas except Rotopax on how to add extra fuel on the bike ? When i go off-road I usually carry only a 45liter rollbag, no panniers whatsoever, hard or soft.

Looking for solutions, thanks.

Can you still lock the bars with that TFT screen cover ? and handguard extensions ?

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: Quick question
« on: Aug 12, 2020, 09.57 PM »
Thanks for the reply. I managed to get a pair of enduro pegs from an 1200gs.

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Quick question
« on: Aug 10, 2020, 11.55 AM »
Does the adventure pegs from 1200gs fit the 850gs ?


Items For Sale / Wanted / Re: FS - GSA "enduro" foot pegs?
« on: Aug 07, 2020, 05.15 PM »
*Originally Posted by Xyzzy [+]
I replaced my GSA's footpegs with Pivot Pegz. Is anyone interested in buying the OEM GSA "enduro" pegs?

They sell for more than $200 for the pair new.

They have about 1K miles on them and look brand new. You get the two pegs and two springs.

 $100 + free shipping (USA only)

Hi ! You those pegs still available ? Im not from USA, but I have a good friend in Hawaii, please let me know :)

Items For Sale / Wanted / Want to buy
« on: Aug 07, 2020, 05.13 PM »
Sup guys,

I want to get for my 850gs the next items:
- adjustable gear lever
- adventure/enduro brake pedal
- adventure/enduro foot pegs ( the wide ones )

OEM prices are too high. If anyone has some, or all of the above, i'm willing to get em :)


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