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F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: What size drive chain?
« on: Sep 24, 2021, 07.10 AM »
Recently a moto magazine (Revzilla) took the Endurance M chain out for a true test of its merits under the conditions that ADV touring bikes typically experience.
According to RZ, it failed after 12k miles under the conditions BMW set in their promotion, IE: no lube or cleaning.
RZ's review did a fantastic job of drilling into the facts of the chains performance.
Based on that criteria, shaft drive still kicks it's ass hands down. I didn't have to touch my shaft drive system more than once every 9-10k miles.

Maintenance and Servicing / Basic Maintenance interval 13k
« on: Jun 27, 2021, 01.14 PM »
Swapped filter(s), changed oil and almost lost the inner sump plug but i recovered it fortunately.
While I was wiping down the tank and the area around it, I noticed there was dirt collecting underneath the gas tank cap bracket. So I took it off and found a bunch around the mouth of the tank.

Before this I swapped chain and sprockets.
Wheel bearings are due any time as a CYA, don't have tools for it yet.

When you service your filter, be sure to clean around the mouth of the gas cap under the bracket, it traps dirt in and your gas cap threads on the tank are prone to rusting.

*Originally Posted by SnoDrtRider [+]
Has anyone checked the shipping costs on that? I get a 4L of Motul 5100 for 43.69 and a HiFlo filter for 21.90 on Amazon with free shipping. Price is the same but shipping is free... No crush washer but an extra Liter of oil for the same price. Having two bikes every other oil change I use 2 jugs of oil with enough left over for the need to only buy one jug for the next change.
Sierra is free ship, bobs is not.

If I had more than one bike i'd buy direct from an oil company like I used to for Amsoil when I had several vehicles with same oil type. You can buy direct from K&N or NGK sometimes for same if not better deal than buying through a reseller. When I had a K16, i used enough oil it warranted buying it in bulk.

I specifically avoid doing business with Amazon whenever possible, they are not a good company and I refuse to support them.

Resellers for NGK MC spark plugs would upcharge by as much as 25 dollars per a plug, it pays to be a smart shopper sometimes.

I add this because i'd priced what it would cost to get these elsewhere, my oil cost was between 38-50 USD and a oil filter cost another 15 or 20 with no crush washer.

Additionally an air filter is about 49-70 USD. You could go with a K&N washable but they are not rated for off-road use, have been found at fault for engines being fouled by fine particulates (dust and etc) that make it past K&N's filtration.

Sierra BMW offering 3 litre of oil, crush washer and filter for 69 US dollars.
Bobs BMW offering same for 64 USD.

Maintenance and Servicing / Re: "sticky" clutch on a 850 GSA
« on: Jun 05, 2021, 09.27 PM »
*Originally Posted by SwartGevaar [+]
Question -

Has anyone else found that their clutch "sticky" at times? What I mean is that it feels very notchy and occasionally (say 3 out of every 10 times) when pulling away that there is a noticeable jerk when releasing the clutch and it hits the friction zone?

It may very well be that I've been spoilt over the years using hydraulic clutches and this is just a quirk of the BMW gearbox.  :034:
You are imagining it, the 850 has a quirky clutch and you've not really learned it yet. Give it time..

If you were referencing the QS on the 850, yeah it's a tad jerky during transitions but it works.

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: Idle temperature
« on: May 19, 2021, 12.47 PM »
180 or 190 sometimes, i forget if this is reading in celsius or fahrenheit. I'm assuming F.

*Originally Posted by Grizzlie [+]
Not knowing the exact terminology, I'll simply include it all.

Has anyone installed an "exhaust Cat Eliminator delete Decat pipe" eliminating the catalytic converter (That is that bladder thingie under the bike right?)?

Something like this
Or the AliExpress versions of it?

Significantly louder? More power? Better throttle response or mileage or any improvement at all?
When i was doing some maintenance on my 850, i took the pipe assembly off all the way down to the resonator. Out of curiousity I went for a ride with just the resonator piece on, it was a different sound. Deeper more of a growl but not bad at all. I can only guess that removing the resonator would make it more so. I would like to remove the resonator because it is ugly, bulky and is collecting dirt I can't reasily get to for cleaning.

The way people obssess over the windscreen on a naked bike I laugh and think of it like they are saying "OK it's not a Perfect adventure bike fairing until it is this:


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