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Hi Matty - if it helps, I too have the GPS mounted above the TFT screen, and also have handguards. For me personally the optimum sweet-spot is using the standard GSA screen, raised to its highest setting, with an adjustable screen extender to deflect buffeting. But I know everyone is different with personal preferences etc. Hopefully you'll find a perfect screen set-up soon. Good luck with the tinkering, let us know how you get on 👍🏻

*Originally Posted by Matty589 [+]
...When riding, if I put my hand immediately above the screen it is smooth air on either screen at any angle/height adjustment....

Matty, That's the same principal as the adjustable screen extender I mentioned in my last post. You can adjust its height and pitch (like you were doing with your hand), so it's really easy to manipulate the air flow to your preferred comfort levels. From memory I think I only paid around £15 including delivery. Bargain. Much cheaper than buying and selling numerous screens. Might be worth giving it a go mate 👍🏻

Hi Matty589
Finding a right aftermarket screen is a nightmare. Wouldn't it be ace if you could try before you buy? Lol

When I had my 750GS, I had similar issue to you in that I also tried a few different screens. For me personally, the Powerbronze Touring screen caused bad buffeting, the Wunderlich Marathon screen was better, but the best I tried was the GIVI screen which was spot on. Obviously the screens affect different size people in different ways. I'm 6'1" to give you an idea.

Since I got my 850GSA I've find the standard adjustable screen to be good, helped by the two additional smaller screen deflectors fitted as standard above the indicators, which push air around you.

I have added one of those low cost universal extender wind deflector screens off FleaBay (see pic below) that allow you to adjust the wind direction (and therefore reduce or increase airflow) on the move. It works great and is a cheap solution.

I can now tour for many miles at motorway speeds with virtually zero buffeting. And if it's hot, I can simply lower the GSA screen and tilt the extender towards me so I get cool air flow.

Not sure how much helmets make a difference, but for reference I use a System 7 Carbon from BMW.

Mounted my camera as per pic. Did think about fitting it behind the screen too, but then you're constantly filming through flies, rain, dust, reflections etc.

I used a Dremel to cut a small USB-A sized hole in the side of the plastic case so that I can leave the charging cable plugged in all the time, and therefore charge as I ride (no need to stop to swap batteries). I then fitted a rubberised foam adhesive pad  (to the right of the camera on the pic) to form a watertight seal between the cable and the camera case which stops water or moisture ingress.

It's also quick and easy to remove when leaving the bike parked up.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Tioli mods
« on: January 30, 2021, 08:43:20 AM »
Great work Tioli 👏🏻

*Originally Posted by Matty589 [+]
Canbus normally retains the power for a while after shutdown. Not 100% sure but I think its about 5 minutes.

Circa 4-5 mins sounds right. I run my GoPro and phone charger from a twin USB socket, and it's a few mins before they both shuts down after the ignition has been been turned off.  Sounds ok to me

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: It's here, it's here...
« on: January 15, 2021, 10:17:34 PM »
AdvBikeKev - Looks awesome! Congrats, enjoy your new beastie, looks great 👍🏻

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: Ally panniers - inner bags
« on: January 12, 2021, 09:32:56 AM »
*Originally Posted by purds [+]
Cheers Gazza - is your bike an 850? I ask as the 850 isnít listed in the fitment list and Iím not sure if the ally panniers are the same size?

Yes, 850GSA. Aluminium panniers are same as 1200GS 👍🏻.

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: Ally panniers - inner bags
« on: January 12, 2021, 12:31:49 AM »
Hi - I bought these off Fleabay. Good fit (each side is tailor made for the aluminium cases), good zips, and also comes with detachable carry straps. I've ridden in heavy rain with no water ingress, so I'd say they're waterproof enough for my needs. Hope that helps

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Adding more brake lights
« on: January 07, 2021, 02:18:33 PM »
Thanks guys for the pics

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