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F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: 850gs using oil
« Last post by dirtspin on Yesterday at 07:43 am »
*Originally Posted by Yorks_Rider [+]
Sorry to tell you this, but your assumption that the oil pressure must have been OK if there is no oil pressure light on, is not correct. The reason is very simple. Neither the F750GS nor the F850 is equipped with an oil pressure sensor, so there is no light which could come on to warn you. The only "oil level sensor" is the  dipstick.
I queried my local BMW service manager with this assertion.
He assured me there is a red or orange warning light to notify of low oil pressure.
I am now trying to locate a parts list or drawing to see if I can locate an oil pressure sensor, or a list of  the total warnings that the display is capable of showing.
Itís not just the US - I tried to get the set you referenced above from my local BMW dealer and gave up after they were sent a set of OEM F750GS pegs, and when they queried it the distribution centre in the UK could not give any ETA on getting the correct set of HP adjustable pegs!
Is this literally the oil drain bolt?

I removed a bolt and a bit of oil drained out of one the holes when I was attaching my skid plates...it eventually stopped :) (and oil is still in the bike)
*Originally Posted by SnoDrtRider [+]
I ordered what I though was a "SET" of these pegs from BMW... I was shocked to have only ONE arrive... I called my dealer and they confirmed that the were sold as EACH. Which is both crazy and deceiving.
I would have liked this option but I ordered the Touratech Lowered pegs and I am quite happy with them at less than $200.00 at the time.

Surely selling pegs individually makes sense.  If I break one I don't want to be forced to buy two.  Maybe the issue is just that dealers need to be clearer about what they're selling and what you're buying...
Und vielleicht auch nicht.
*Originally Posted by duncanmacster [+]
The aluminium is only 3mm thick. Most other bash plates are 4mm.

Maybe 3mm is sufficient :002:
F750/850GS Main Chat board / Do I need to replace the oil pan? 750 GS 2020
« Last post by bcbosch on Jan 26, 2022, 06.13 am »
So was attaching a new Touratech skid plate...
Of course you have to remove some factory screws from the underside of the bike and use those holes to fasten your skid plate with the Touratech hardware. So I obviously removed the wrong bolt from the underside at one point, and oil began draining out. I replaced the immediately, but oil keeps draining out, no matter how much or how little torque I put on the bolt.

1. Is it possible I "puckered" the oil pan or the gasket by messing with the screw and reattaching it at a different torque from all the other pan screws?
2. Do you think it would help to drain the engine, remove the whole pan, and re-attach it with a new gasket, using proper torque specs and screw sequence?
3. Just say screw it and take it in?

Any and all advice is appreciated!
New Member Introductions / New member from Vancouver, WA - BMW 750GS (2020)
« Last post by bcbosch on Jan 26, 2022, 06.00 am »
Hey everybody
just got my first "real" motorcycle in April 2021. It's a beautiful 2020 750GS. I've been having a great time riding and modifying it here and there. Everything has turned out pretty well, until my attempt to add on a skid plate. Feel free to chime in on my current problem, which is an oil pan issue. All feedback welcome!

Happy to be on the thread!
*Originally Posted by TeamFreuchen [+]
I found a real bargain at motea.com, really rigid construction, and only 90 EUR.

The aluminium is only 3mm thick. Most other bash plates are 4mm.
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from the Toronto area, Canada
« Last post by Grizzlie on Jan 25, 2022, 09.51 pm »
Welcome to the forum! I just returned from a trip there!
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