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*Originally Posted by isl99 [+]
I've had no issues with the Wunderlich locking to the bike.

Glad to hear!  It looks like mine was just a one-off defect that made it through the system.
*Originally Posted by MattR [+]
Apparently Touratech now use KUKA welding robots for their welding. It's suppossed to be a low heat, high quality process so seems like the quality control inspections are not up to scratch.

I'd send it back if it's not right but looks like you've fitted it now.


Yeah, I noticed it before I put them on but shipping in Canada sucks and its a pita to return stuff, plus it ships from across the country. Getting MC parts in Western Canada isn't the best.

I probably should of stuck with the wunderlich's I was going to purchase but they want way too much for them here. :/

I could take a grinder to them to get the sharp pointy bits off and smooth out the edges but probably just make them look worse.

They aren't bad, horrible to install though.. not the best purchase. Doubt I would recommend their products again.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Wunderlich Low Seat
« Last post by isl99 on Today at 06:25 am »
*Originally Posted by Blueshurler [+]
Better than the factory low seat, or the regular seat? I've got the comfort seat on my GSA and it's pretty good, but could be better. Thx.

I've tried the OEM comfort, regular and low seats on the 850gs and I would say its better than all of them. If you are fairly happy with the OEM seat I'm not sure if you'd find the Wunderlich seat all that much better than OEM, but its subjective of course. Then there's also the cost, they aren't cheap. I wasn't happy with the low OEM seat so I thought the upgrade was worth the cost.

I chose the low seat since I'm just under 6' and wanted to be able to flat foot the bike. I also really like the look of it over the stock seat.

I've had no issues with the Wunderlich locking to the bike.
*Originally Posted by isl99 [+]
I'm on the west coast but I just got the low seat on my 850gs and I tell you its miles better than the oem seat.

Better than the factory low seat, or the regular seat? I've got the comfort seat on my GSA and it's pretty good, but could be better. Thx.
isl99 - I had one delivered, but just returned it because the pin at the front of the seat didnít have a notch to latch into the bike.  It felt great on the test drive, but need to get it replaced with one thatíll lock.  Glad to hear Iím on the right track!

I have a BMW F850 GS K81 Rallye Duo Seat Saddle, Part #  52 53 8 564 836 (Red and Black).
Seat is in good condition and only used for about 6000km. I then replaced it with a Seargent World Sport Adventure Touring Seat. But still not 100% happy :-/

I would like to trade for a BMW OEM Rallye seat, Part # 77 34 8 564 840. Like the one in the link bellow.

If now trade is possible I'm open to offers on my OEM seat.

Seat is located in LinkŲping, Sweden.

Best Regards
Itís a parallel twin. They didnít generally liked to be revíed much in their upper range when the engine has been designed for low- and mid-range torque. The old 700/800 series were even worse - by 5,500rpm they resembled a jackhammer ;)
Theyíre also optimised for fuel economy so run relatively lean compared to some bikes. Iím happy with that compromise - it means I get about the same fuel range out of a 15L that Tenere World Raid riders will be getting from their 23L dual tanks :)
F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: Bike firmware upgrades - worth it?
« Last post by SnoDrtRider on Yesterday at 01:21 pm »
I will say it was quite frustrating when I first got the bike but after updating the Firmware, Phone App (Android), Headset (Sena 5 to Sena SRL) and finally my Phone it's self (Pixel 2XL to Pixel 6 Pro) it has slowly gone from frustrating to Very Good although occasionally the headset does not connect after a fuel or lunch stop.
Iíve a 2019 model and experience as others have said when over 6000rpm, vibes to bars and foot pegs. Iíve the BMW Hand Guards installed but no additional weights.

Iím not a speed merchant (reactions long gone) so tend to tour around 4000 to 4500 where this helps me retain my license and keep fuel economy to a reasonable level.

On the quad lock I bought the anti vibration add on for it for a recent European tour and the camera was ok.

Not saying anything new here but good luck and enjoy the machine 👍
F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: Bike firmware upgrades - worth it?
« Last post by richardbd on Yesterday at 09:20 am »
*Originally Posted by SnoDrtRider [+]
Yeah But...
It was advertised as a communication hub... Buyers should expect ALL of the features advertised will function AS advertised.

Buying a product that is advertised as the latest and greatest which turns out to be not so is false advertising (At least here in the States) where consumers are able to sue for resolution or force the manufacturer to buy the defective merchandise back.
We have "Lemon Laws" here where if you present a vehicle to a dealer three times for the same problem and do not get resolution the manufacturer is required to buy the vehicle back at the price you paid PLUS retribution for any undo trips to the dealer to tray and rectify the problem. If you hire a good lawyer you can receive thousands in damages as well.

And therein lies one of the essential differences between our great nations.  Thousands in damages because the ashtray rattles  :008: :008:  :008:

I have yet to have a vehicle (car or bike) where all the electronic communication functionality works faultlessly - including a near £100k Range Rover that canít connect to Waze.

The underlying issue is simple to explain but hard to rectify.  Itís all about the interface with peripheral, 3rd-party devices.  If huge car manufacturers canít crack it, what chance have bike makers who have much smaller volumes, much smaller budgets and a much wider range of peripherals to deal with.

Oddly, the best vehicle Iíve ever had in this respect has been my Ducati Multistrada V4S.  A Ducati with reliable electrics - whoíd have believed that one?

 :152: :152: :152:
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