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New Member Introductions / Re: New Member from Northern California
« Last post by Goback on Today at 04:30:56 AM »
Lol I arrived in my work car with shirt pants and boots to ride.  No big deal though Iím heading up to Sacramento to another dealership.

Just trying to figure out is the GS is going to be better off road than the GSA.
New Member Introductions / Re: New Member from Northern California
« Last post by SHAG on Today at 02:57:36 AM »
Did you ride a bike to the dealer or arrive in a cage with shorts, flip-flops and a t shirt?  :400:
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Rear tyre change ? 18' ?
« Last post by richardbd on Yesterday at 11:49:12 PM »
*Originally Posted by MitzaPCH [+]
Would it be possible ? what else do I need to change ? i just hate the 17' rear wheel.

I have heard many, many comments about front wheel size but this is the first time Iíve ever heard anything about the rear wheel!

Just what is it you hate about it??
*Originally Posted by Huge701 [+]
I might try this guys setting up as you can see the tft shows the NAV is connected on the TFT By the nav symbol at 53.51 to 53.52.
Mind you I could be barking wrong again  :192:

Iím confused Huge. What are you actually trying to achieve here, in terms of what connects to what and why?

I have a new Sargent seat from my 2021 850GSA it has 400 miles on it. it is standard height all black. it really is a huge improvement over stock. I can return it for refund, but if someone here can use it I rather help someone out. price is 450.00 shipped
I have a new trekker top box with the rack. the box is really a perfect size, and comes off and on with the turn of a key. never used. 300 for box and 150 for rack. prices include shipping. message me for photos
Im currently waiting for the dealer to check engine problems.
If they cofirm, am I entitled to ask for a new engine ? This seems like a really serious engine problem. Should i settle only for the repair ? What if the new engine pieces will fail again after 15.000km ?
My confidence in this BMW model is just below ground now.

Thank you
No worries I was just wondering as they are the nearest to me ( hoping that they would be ready and aware Incase or when mine goes the same way ) seeing as you arenít that far away you must get a visa then to cross the border 😄
Hope yours is sorted soon
Hi Huge.
No. I don't use them. I prefer dealers that sell and work mainly on BMW bikes.
M&P are multi franchise so work on lots of different bikes. 😉
Thank you Hommes
was M&P your dealer ?
I haven't noted any unusual noises from my engine, but plan to do a valve clearance check this winter and will be looking for any sign of this coating failure prior to the end of my warranty next summer.

Thanks for the visual on what to look for.
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