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Items For Sale / Wanted / Wanted - Comfort Seat Swap for Low Seat
« on: September 12, 2021, 04:48:59 PM »
I have a 2019 F850GS Sport that came with a low seat but I'd like to swap for a OEM comfort seat. Just testing the water at the moment to see if anyone is interested?

I'm based in London but happy to ride reasonable distance to meet/swap. Or post if (in UK) if that is the only option. Mine has grey accent colour on the side. I've posted pictures of my bike previously so search my other posts for images. Seat has covered 5.5k miles and totally unmarked

*Originally Posted by manamanah [+]
I actually had the exact opposite problem, without the bike dropping aggravation ;)

I just could not open it on a hot summer day and ended up having to unscrew the entire piece to tank up. After a few more instances, i took it to the dealer who replaced it immediately and under warranty, saying it was a known issue.

All this to say that BMW knows gas caps are sometimes faulty, so just give it a try with the dealer!

I've had this problem recently. Probably past 2 months with the bike not being used much and it lives outside in the garden under a cover. I end up having to bang down on the cap a few times, turn the bike off and on again etc. All a pain when at a busy petrol station. My bike is in for service next Monday so will tell them about this too.

Sorry to the OP for the issue, hard to said what the issue is but suspect its the solenoid having a hissy fit?

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: New rear wheel.
« on: November 12, 2020, 11:24:08 AM »
I recently purchased my '19 850GS Sport from BMW Oxford and noticed on the paperwork that the rear wheel had been replaced. From what I know and understand it wasn't an accident/Insurance replacement so I might have had the same spoke issue?

Items For Sale / Wanted / Re: Standard/low seat wanted please.
« on: November 11, 2020, 04:26:24 PM »
I have a low seat, might consider changing to. a comfort seat. Do you know how much higher it is over the standard? My seat is only 1 month old

New Member Introductions / Re: Hi from Norfolk UK
« on: October 04, 2020, 07:12:10 AM »
Whats the preference, black or silver crash bars? I’d thought black bars would be better on the Pollux green?

New Member Introductions / Re: Hi from Norfolk UK
« on: October 03, 2020, 10:31:31 AM »
Welcome, nice colour choice and same as mine. I don't see alot of love for the Pollux green but I personally love the dark satin look of the paintwork. Is your bike a factory order? what options do you have?

F750/850GS Main Chat board / Re: New Helmet Choice - With or Without a Peak?
« on: September 27, 2020, 01:21:40 PM »
Decided in the end I didnít want spend £400-£500 on either the Arai or Shoei adventure style so opted for this Nolan N70 X. So far very pleased as it gives the most flexibility and some nice features like the sun visor and cut outs for internal speakers

The bike had 2,250miles. I felt the saving over new was significant and I was given 2 years full warranty so it made no point buying new. There are quite a few of these ex BMW UK bikes around, which are company bikes given out to employees like company bikes. My bike was exactly 1 year old. Saving over £3k was massive and I can't see any issues or wear and tear on the bike. Basically a cheap brand new bike

*Originally Posted by B0M0A0K [+]
To be fair that is exactly how the dealer described it.

I guess I am never very good at this sort of thing because I can't tell if they are expecting me to barter over the price or whether the price they offer you is what it's going to cost. I don't seem to have any natural "feel" for this stuff.

Happy to tell you my experience last month when buying my'19 F850GS Sport. I initially approached the dealer regarding a cheaper pre-reg '19 F850GS with the standard screen and asked if they had any TFT models and would it be a better buy? They had a green F850GS Sport with TFT and lots of kit for £9250. My budget at the time was nearer £8,000. They offered this TFT bike at £8,850 without my haggling at all. In the end I got them down to £8,750 and bought it. From what they said, they sourced the bike from an internal BMW auction platform and the bikes were from BMW UK. According to the sales manager my bike had cost them £8,250 so they are apparently only making £500 profit. Suppose that sounds about right?

As for haggling, they will drop quite quickly but you won't get them to cave in and reduce their margin too much. I was buying cash but had no trade, but did buy a top box that might have sweetened the deal a bit

New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from London - UK
« on: September 10, 2020, 12:15:24 PM »
Bloody H*ll you're right. I've just checked the photos of other examples and can see the difference. I did ask for a standard seat as the bike had a Rallye one fitted which was too high. Looks like they have gone the other way. May speak to them and see if they cam swap back out. My feet are fully flat to the floor on the bike now and whilst its comfortable I'm not sure I want it to be that low???

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