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Re: Michelin Anakee III tires
« Reply #10 on: October 10, 2020, 01:16:41 PM »
I have ridden 600km on Anakee 3's then had them changed and have since ridden 1300km on my Michelin Road 5 Trail's. According to the Michelin homepage, the Michelin Road 5 Trail have a different rubber mixture to the Michelin Road 5 (non-trail) version.
I am very pleased with the Road Trails so far, but I am not a very experienced rider, so I am sure that the tyres have more potential than my ability to use it at moment. They have very good grip in the dry and they held up very well in a truly torrential downpour where the road had turned partly into a stream. They are definitely a lot quieter at highway speeds than the Anakees which had a tendency to "scream" at certain speeds (at about 70 and again as 105 kmh, for some reason). Cruising legally on the unrestricted autobahn at 130kmh with one short trip up to 170kmh for overtaking, I can say that the bike felt very stable.
It is too early at the moment to say anything about wear, but from what I have read elsewhere, I would expect them to hold quite long, if perhaps not quite as long as the Anakees.
The Road 5 Trail has a very different profile to the standard Anakee 3. The transition from the central area to the shoulders is more abrupt on the Road's so they "fall" more easily into curves. The Road only has sipes extending along the tyre, not across it. Also the outer shoulders have no profile at all and a softer mix than the centre for those who like to get their knee down. I have not explored this region yet.
One point to note is that they are called "Road 5 Trail", but in my opinon they are really road-only tyres made in a dimension for fitting on an adventure (trail) bike. The proportion of negative profile is much less than most other tyres. A gravel car park will be OK, but for any off road ambitions at all, this is defintely the wrong tyre.
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