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    Re: Changing oil on F750GS
    Reply #60 on: Jul 29, 2022, 01.42 am
    Jul 29, 2022, 01.42 am
     Thanks,  good to know. I'm at 18,500. Just never noticed it.

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    Re: Houston we have a problem
    Reply #61 on: Jul 29, 2022, 01.43 am
    Jul 29, 2022, 01.43 am
    *Originally Posted by SnoDrtRider [+]
    There are filters on the sump and oil pump intakes...
    Your dealer is a putz...

    See those 4 ridges around the lower drain plug inside of the lower sump? If the inner sump plug fell out it will just sit on top of the main drain plug...

    Thanks for this. I just came to same conclusion after reading and researching dry sump systems. From my understand the oil in the sump and main oil pan has to go through the oil filter before it is injected into the engine components. There is no way a screw plug will make it through the oil filter.

    I usually don't believe something when one person says it but since this is the service person at the BMW dealership I placed alittle more weight to his advise but his information seem off.
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    Re: Changing oil on F750GS
    Reply #62 on: Jul 29, 2022, 02.31 pm
    Jul 29, 2022, 02.31 pm
    *Originally Posted by woodsguy [+]
    That attachment brings up something else. Is #5 a screen that needs cleaning? Looks like a KTM style push filter.

    Almost without exception, every modern engine in cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. has a screen on the oil pickup. It is there to protect the oil pump by preventing any bits of debris from getting picked up. From the pump, the oil goes through the filter to remove anything that could damage the much more vulnerable engine components. The pre-screen under normal operating conditions should never need attention for the life of the engine. The concern about loose items in the oil sump would be more of an issue on a wet sump engine where there could be a remote possibility of it being picked up by the rotating parts and causing damage. With this double wet/dry sump design, even if the plug somehow got loose in the lower wet sump, the dry upper sump is where the moving stuff is, so it will just lay there harmlessly.

    That bolt you drop in the top of the engine could be much more devastating as it has potential to interact with a lot of moving bits.
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    Re: Changing oil on F750GS
    Reply #63 on: Aug 11, 2022, 08.17 pm
    Aug 11, 2022, 08.17 pm
    Hey -- I came across this post only *after* already doing the same damage I believe you may have done.  I accidentally over-tightened (or it was already over-tightened prior) the inner dry sump drain plug to my f850gs. Same symptoms as you described: some thin metal shavings came out with the plug, and now it just spins more or less freely in the socket. 

    How hard of a repair was it for you?  Is there a manual for replacing that inner dry-sump pan & screw?  I found a place to order the parts, and doing the labor myself isn't too intimidating as long as it doesn't require a lot of exceptional skill.  Did you do the repair yourself?  Is there a manual somewhere to walk you through it?