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    Communicators - Helmet Speakers and those pre-prepared recesses
    on: Jul 04, 2022, 05.41 am
    Jul 04, 2022, 05.41 am
    I recently purchased a Cardo Packtalk Black. It has many desirable features, one being is connects to the TFT screen.

    One feature Cardo spruik are the 40mm helmet speakers, said to provide superior sound quality. (I think that is so). Now many helmets these days come with recesses at ear level for the specific purpose of accommodating speakers. I have also recently acquired a BMW GS Pure helmet and it does have recesses. However.... the recesses do not accommodate the 40mm speakers. Ride for too long like that and you get a pair of thick ears!

    I researched the issue and concluded the easiest and probably safest way to enlarge the holes is utilising a hot soldering iron to melt just sufficient of the foam back to enable a better fit. There will be those who will say "buy a new helmet". And others need to make a plan.

    Please note: I am not encouraging anyone to do anything that MAY reduce the safety (perceived or otherwise) of their helmet. Merely saying I ride a motorcycle, which is already risky; and the increase in risk if any, is at the margin and it works for me.
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