Author 2022 f850gs adventure clutch !!!  (Read 333 times)

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    2022 f850gs adventure clutch !!!
    on: Jun 25, 2022, 08.14 am
    Jun 25, 2022, 08.14 am
    Ok, we all know and have heard about, even experienced the qwerky clutch on our gs’s. The boys and girls over on the XR900 forum have experienced it more so than us, and alas the XR’s have been getting replacement clutches from the gs’s. Now here is my problem, have a 2022 f850gsa with only 1100km on it and I’m experiencing this horrible clutch issue. It feels at times - always when taking off from a stand still at intersections…hot…cold doesn’t matter…can happen once, twice…4 times during a ride or never…the clutch doesn’t want to release at biting point - which then catches up and lurches you forward like the plates are getting stuck…very much like a sticky clutch plates…it can be very dangerous. I have posted a other sites and most have agreed they have the same problem but have got used to it or try to ignore it…am I the only one here experiencing this? For another explanation, it like the clutch cable getting stuck but it not…it certainly the plates but that’s the feel you get when taking off every now and again???? The same issue effecting xr900 owners but replacing with the same clutch parts as my gs….but I experiencing it. My dealer said yes it’s a qwerk but I’m not sure as I would not think bmw would bring out a mc to act in this matter…thoughts???

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    Re: 2022 f850gs adventure clutch !!!
    Reply #1 on: Jun 25, 2022, 01.12 pm
    Jun 25, 2022, 01.12 pm
    Not sure about the cable binding (although i have experienced a plasticky sensation at times) but totally agree on the ephemeral biting point when starting from a full stop. Don't release enough, it revs up and the clutch slips. Release too fast, and it either lurches forward or stalls. I even dropped it a couple of times when stalling (once with a serious hamstring injury eh! so you know i have been paying a lot of attention since  :087:). There appears to be nothing in the middle.

    And - for clarification - i am no newbie, been riding for 40 years, this is by far my least preferred clutch.

    Do you know if the guys got rid of the issue by replacing the clutch? This would be quite a piece of great news for the day!!