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    Hello from the Netherlands
    on: May 28, 2022, 11.12 pm
    May 28, 2022, 11.12 pm
    Hi All

    I am new to this forum. I have a 2021 model BMW F750GS and have covered about 9000 km so far.
    Looking forward to sharing my experiences with my motorbike and interacting with you all.

    - 40th year anniversary model
    - BMW Touring windscreen with adjustable bracket
    - BMW Engine Guard
    - Touratech GPS/phone bar

    Issues faced
    - Controls on the left handle (wheel+ buttons) failed: After an hour everything started working; no error log reported out at garage

    - Water pump replaced (coolant was leaking) at 8000 km under gurantee; was a bit surprised- I almost never ride in towns/cities- where I could expect the pump to stress out more; Either it was just bad luck or the quality is not up to par.

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