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Re: BMW F850 GS Exhaust Link Pipe Mod
« Reply #60 on: April 05, 2021, 01:22:49 AM »
you won't meet euro 4 or 5 with a link pipe I have a 2021 and the pipe for the 18-20 fits straight on got it of aliexpress for like US35 took 3 weeks to arrive to NZ but free freight. Figured its just about the price of a pack of smokes give it a whirl. fits perfect and like the bay ones you have to get a new rubber as the hole is smaller. Steel is pretty thin but its Stainless and at this price if it lasts a year Id be more than happy. welds look later welded and very tidy I don't see why this won't last a few years at least. sound is much better on the stock exhaust fairly poppy and deeper. Enough that I won't go aftermarket on the exhaust sticking with the stock.